September 22, 2021


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Architecture Monthly Magazine: Semiconductor Design

Semiconductor design and manufacturing continuesArchitecture Monthly Magazine - Mar 2021 - Semiconductor Design to drive technology. Meeting the design requirements of low power connected devices, which utilize high performant, compact designs can be challenging. AWS provides the infrastructure and services to run the entire semiconductor design workflow. In this issue, our expert Mark Duffield shares innovation, architectural patterns and considerations for Semiconductor Design.

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In this month’s Semiconductor Design issue:

  • Ask an Expert: Mark Duffield, Tech Leader, Semiconductors, AWS
  • Reference Architecture: Semiconductor and Electronics on AWS: AWS Services and Data Movement for Semiconductor Design
  • Whitepaper: Semiconductor Design on AWS
  • Implementation Guide: Run Semiconductor Design Workflows on AWS
  • Case Study: Arm Reduces Characterization Turnaround Time and Costs by Using AWS Arm-based Graviton Instances
  • Blog: Scaling Synopsys Proteus Optical Proximity Correction on AWS
  • Solution: Scale-Out Computing on AWS (SOCA)
  • Reference Architecture: Scale-out Computing on AWS
  • Whitepaper: Using Ellexus Breeze for EDA Workload Migration to AWS
  • Reference Architecture: Semiconductor and Electronics on AWS: Enabling Collaboration and Innovation from Customer Specification to Silicon
  • Case Study: proteanTecs Support Tens of Millions of Simulations, Cuts Costs by Up to 60% Using AWS
  • Reference Architecture: EDA on AWS with IBM Spectrum LSF
  • Blog: AWS and Arm Help Semiconductor Companies Innovate Faster with Increased Flexibility
  • Related Videos: AWS for Semiconductor & Electronics, Scaling Semiconductor Design Workflows on AWS, AWS re:Invent 2020: Semiconductor Design on AWS with Qualcomm, AWS Floor28 News – Semiconductor Special Edition

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