How to Build a CI/CD Pipeline for Your Enterprise Middleware Platform

Continuous integration and continuous deployment (or delivery) a.k.a CI/CD is one of the most talked-about ideas in enterprise software development. With the rise of microservice architecture (MSA), it has become a mainstream process within enterprises. If you are familiar with microservice architecture, you should have heard about greenfield and brownfield integrations, where you start your microservices journey from scratch or from an existing enterprise architecture (which is the case 80% of the time). According to this survey, there are more and more organizations moving ahead with microservices architecture even though they accept that it is really hard to maintain and monitor (of course, there are tools coming up to cover these aspects). This survey showcases that the advantages of MSA are outweighing the disadvantages I mentioned above. CI/CD is a tightly-coupled concept along with MSA and DevOps culture. Due to the dominance of MSA within enterprises, CI/CD has also become an essential part of each and every software development lifecycle within the enterprise.

With this shift in the enterprise towards MSA, DevOps and CI/CD culture, the other parts of the brownfield, cannot stay out of these waves. These “other parts,” consist of

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