September 23, 2021


DevOps, AWS, Azure, GCP, IaC

The 2018 State of DevOps Report(s)

In its seventh annual outing, the results of Puppet and Splunk’s collaboration is out in the form of the 2018 State of DevOps Report. As the Report outlines from the responses of 3,000 participants, “DevOps is an ongoing evolution, and there is no final destination. But there are ways to achieve success faster.” Many teams today are at various stages in their DevOps adoption and Puppet and Splunk’s document offers practices which will help everyone involved get started or advance if they’re stuck.

A similar focus is at the center of another report, Accelerate: State of DevOps 2018: Strategies for a New Economy, which is the work of DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) and Google Cloud. It is based on the findings from an increasingly diverse cross-section of 1,900 technical professionals worldwide who participated in the research.